The Artist, “Letterfly” is best known for high quality custom paint and airbrushed one-of-a-kind murals on motor homes, fanciful vehicular graphics, traditional “Old School” pinstriping and all sorts of brush painted images on motorcycles, gold leaf window signage, monograms, decorative scrollwork gilding on fire engines and hand painted Trompe L’oeil residential artwork and commercial mega mural projects across the country.

     The artist attends motorcycle events and works on projects nationwide, away from his home studio at Lazydays RV in Tampa roughly half the year.  A travel blog is maintained with the current schedule so you may find the artists where-abouts.

     Letterfly, also known as Dave Knoderer, conducts the entertaining and enlightening seminar about every facet of custom paint entitled “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” at Lazydays during the winter months and to interested HOG chapters and Artists Guilds across the nation.  He also writes the ongoing e-newsletter “Tales of a Traveling Airbrush” and sends it to everyone on his email address book. To request inclusion please email the artist;
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America’s Foremost Motor coach Muralist
Spectacular Artwork of All Kinds is produced by Letterfly

Oil Paintings: You will see that the artist is not limited to Equine Portraiture
Large Murals: Corporate America has an appetite for artwork
Murals in the Home: Interior Decorators and Home Owners alike find the solution for creating both spaciousness and intrigue
Gold Leaf Gilding: Truly a Craft from the Renaissance, enjoying a comeback
Trompe L’oeil: Perspective illusionism transforms flat surfaces into visual delight
Freehand Airbrush Painting: This serious illustrators tool is part of the process of achieving high quality paintwork Especially on Motor Coaches. Plus: The stories behind the spectacular works and the people who want them
Cruisin’ Art: High quality Vehicular Art on Motorcycles, Hot Rods and other wheeled apparatus
Art as Entertainment: Art for "There’s No Business Like Show Business’
Rolling Art Gallery: Take a Guided Tour through a Variety of Motor Coach Artwork  

To the Trade: Information for the true professional seeking an effective and punctual artisan
The Artist’s Resume:

Life Like Animal Depictions are the Artist’s Forte’

It's All About Love
The Story and thoughts from a collector, Art historian and patron

Magical Monaco Becomes Friesian Fantasy

For the story behind this spectacular work of Art click here

Please choose from one of these mural categories, and enjoy some of these murals which were created with love by the artist known as Letterfly. Unfortunately, bitmap images cannot do these paintings any kind of justice. If you would like to see an actual photograph of any of these images, please e-mail artist at

Oil Paintings * Large Murals * Murals in the Home * Gold Leaf Gilding
To the Trade * Trompe L’oeil * Freehand Airbrush Painting
The Artist’s Resume * Cruisin’ Art * Art as Entertainment * Rolling Art Gallery

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A note from John about his brother's interview in
Careers for Geniuses and Other Gifted Types

A while back, while searching for 'Knoderer' at,
I discovered that my brother was interviewed for the book
Careers for Geniuses and Other Gifted Types.

In honor of that achievement,
I created a special webpage,
which you can find online at:

If you follow the instructions on that page, you can actually read the entire interview
without even having to buy the book (but feel free to buy the book with a link on that page).

The books below can help aspiring young artists learn the techniques that Letterfly uses to be a great artist.

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